This camera is located at the end of Upper DeArmoun Road in South Anchorage and is pointed South-West. In the view are Flattop Mountain and its associated peaks: Peak 2, Peak 3, and Ptarmigan Peak. On a clear day, the very top of South Suicide Peak is also visible.

Flattop Mountain is a 3,510-foot (1,070 m) mountain located in Chugach State Park just east of Anchorage. It is the most climbed mountain in the state of Alaska. Flattop is a very popular location for hiking, climbing, berry picking, parasailing, and backcountry skiing. Campouts are held on the summit at the summer and winter solstices.

Upper DeArmoun Road continues onto Canyon Road and follows the valley seen on the right up to Rabbit Lake. The route follows the south side of the Flat Top peaks, and goes past Ptarmigan Peak. To the extreme right just out of view is McHugh Peak. All are popular hikes within Chugach State Park.

The Upper DeArmoun Cam is a Panasonic BL-C30A Network Camera located at N 61° 05’, W 149° 43’, pointing out of our 2nd story office window. The camera is on most days during daylight hours, conditions permitting.